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At This Week in Digital Health, our mission is simple: to keep healthcare professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, and enthusiasts informed about the cutting-edge technologies and disruptive ideas that are transforming the healthcare landscape.

In an industry where change is the only constant, we strive to be your trusted guide, separating hype from reality and providing insightful analysis on the developments that truly matter.

What to Expect

Each week, our newsletter brings you a carefully curated selection of the most important stories in digital health, spanning topics such as:

  • Telehealth and remote patient monitoring

  • Artificial intelligence and machine learning in healthcare

  • Wearable devices and mobile health apps

  • Electronic health records and data interoperability

  • Digital therapeutics and personalized medicine

  • Regulatory updates and policy changes

  • Investment trends and startup activity

But we don't just report the news – we dive deep, offering thought-provoking commentary, expert insights, and analysis that helps you separate reality from hype.

Our Team

Behind This Week in Digital Health is a passionate team of healthcare professionals, technology enthusiasts, and seasoned journalists, all driven by a shared commitment to excellence and a genuine fascination with the transformative potential of digital technologies in healthcare.

With years of combined experience in the industry, our writers and analysts bring a wealth of knowledge and unique perspectives to every issue, ensuring that our content is always informative, engaging, and ahead of the curve.

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